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Daniel Robert - Email - dan@drt-tv.com | Whatsapp or Phone - 633 429 537

My Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Hi, my names Dan and I'm a Brit living in Menorca. I worked in the Telecoms and IT industry prior to moving, and I wish to work within the industry over here. DRTtv spawned after the frustration of poor satellite coverage, and also to improve on the existing UK Live TV services aboard. I tried everything from chromecasting to NowTV boxes. I then decided to go about and make something, that just plain works.

Menorca UKTV

After 12 months of installing and developing DRTtv, I have gained valuable knowledge into how IPTV works. I have now established contacts with reputable IPTV providers, allowing me to provide a service to my own customers! - This is an exciting time as the product grows, with many subscription choices available! - Menorca UKTV will the best customer service and provider of IPTV in Menorca!

The Past - A little about Me

I am a Microsoft Certified Support Tech and CompTIA A+ N+, so I live and breathe Computers,I also worked as a Tech' for TALKTALK Business and other Broadband companies in the UK. Prior to this I worked in IT Support. I've lived in Menorca since 2014 - fully autonomous (Self Employed)

Other Services

I can also:

Build PC's (both new and refurbished)

Setup new technologies

Provide support to those on holiday

Configure most Menorcian ISP (Internet Service Provider's) Routers - to change Wifi Names and Passwords.

Install extra Routers, to increase WiFi Range.

Build and manage Websites.

And much More.

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